Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Education to build a better future for all

Education is an important thing that every people must have. We know that education in Indonesia is a must thing. People in Indonesia should study at least 12 years ( elementary school until high school). After that we can choose to  go to University or working on some places.  Some people think , only science education that represent a smart people , but actually there are many subject of education like social , politic , and many more. So there are many education subject that can make better future for a country or maybe for the world.
First, science is one of the most important education. If we learn about science , we can be a doctor , engineer , or scientist. In the Future, people will need another source for food , clothes , or maybe fuel for transportation.  To discover a new source, we need scientist , they will find something and make it to be another source of food or fuel. Like nowadays , scientist had found a fuel from orange skin. In the future , maybe there will some new disease for human. For the example ten years ago there is no ebola virus , but in 2014 the scientist and some senior doctor found it at Africa. So , in the future we need many doctor to discover new disease and make some ways to cure it , or maybe make a medicine to cur the disease. We need many engineer too ! because in every year there will be a new discover of technology , like smaller smart phone or other. Technology will be a parameter for determine an improvement for a country. If a country has higher technology , its mean that country is stronger.
But we not only need science education to build a better future. We need people that learn about social education.  we need some people that good in economy , politics, law, and entertainment.  We need many people that good at economy to build a better economical environment. In the future there will a free economical zone in this world . like now there is AFTA (ASEAN Free Trade Area) . now the country in ASEAN region can sell and buy things from other country without tax. So the price for the things are cheaper. But for free trade area program , there is an advantages too , because other country people can work in local company , so the local workers will lose. Beside economy , we need some people that have good public speaking skill and good about politics to run the government. But to run a government in one country , a country need a honest person with good attitude so the people should learn about character education. At school we can took some extras , like singing class , dancing class, an many more. It is include in Art education . we know that brain have two section ,left and right. Left brain is for thinking and solve problem , and the right brain is for music skill, and non-science thing. To balance the left and right brain we need Art education. Usually , every year there will be new type or style of art. Like Monalisa painting at 19th century and in 2015 there is pop art and many more. There will be a lot of new singer every year that usually make new song with new genre of  music. So in the future theren will be a new type of art and music , and advance art education can make a better future for all.
The conclusion is we are not only need science education in our life , we need another education subject too like social education , Art, politics education, and the most important is Character Education.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Disadvantages of Television

Nowadays many people are too busy . so they need some instant and simple way to refresh their mind. They can’t spend time to go for walk or have a holiday because both of that spend much time. Nowadays gadget and electronic device is easy to find. One of it is television. We can easily find television in a house , office , or maybe a mall. At least there is one television in each house.  Long time ago , television is an expensive thing. Only rich people that can buy it. But now everyone have it in their own house. Not only one television in one house but maybe more than two.

There are some advantages from watching television. We can watch news in television. Watching television will make we happy too. like when we watch some comedy film. We can listening to music and watch new movies. We can buy something from TV shopping or we can see the promo or discount at our favorite shop. But behind all that advantages, watching television has many disadvantages. Now , some of movies or TV Show has adult content or usually the people in that TV Show talk bad words or swearing. There are many TV show is not suitable for children to watch , but the TV channel doesn’t sensor it. Bad television show also teach children to do something that not suitable for their age. The example is when there is an ads about cigarette , it makes the children  want to try it.

I agree with “TV-Free once a week” program. Why ? because I think we can do something more important than watching TV. We can do some outdoor activities like jogging , or playing around with your neighbor. If you have pets , like bring them to park and playing with them. I think watching television too much can make you lost your time with your family. Almost all children with age around 5 until 18 spend half day at school. The students nowadays usually go home around 6 pm. An their parents spend half day in the office. Maybe they only meet at breakfast time and dinner. There won’t be much communication between parents and children. And if you spend your time at home for only watching TV , you can’t be able to communicate with your parents. But if you spend your time at home with your family , you can share story with other , tell about your day at school , or play around with your family , it will be more fun and better

I think we better spend our free time for studying that watching TV. And  when we have holidays we better go somewhere with our friends or built social communities . watching television just only make you waste your time. There is a research that says watching television everyday can reduce IQ and make autism syndrome. Many things we can do  to make our day happy without TV. Without television we can get closer to our family and our friends. Also Television have radiation that can build cancer cell in your body. But we can reduce it by placing some Sansiviera trifasciata beside the TV. It will adsorb the radiation from television. So , lets do the “ TV-Free once a week” Program

Bakti Desa 32017

Hello everyone ! today i’ll tell you about on of social event in 3 senior highschool. Its called Bakti Desa or we usually called it Bakdes. For bakdes we went to some small village. We stay at the village for 4 days and we must observe the routine of the villager. There are three village for Bakti Desa. There are Sukamaju village , sukapada village and mekar sari village. Me and my friend from Acceleration class stayed at Sukamaju Village.

I stayed in one of the villager’s house. Me , Junna , Sasha , Kirana , and peye stayed at Mr. Nja House. He is a farmer and a drummer player for a music group in Sukamaju village. He lives with his wife and his daughter.  Every day we served by many delicious food. The food that “ibu” cooked is yummy. Sometimes we cook to for our parents in village

We start the second day in village by following the routine of the villager. We go to cofee farm , crosses the river ( i failed -_- ) , and we harvest the avocado. On the third day , te studhent is divided into 2 groups. One groups for Bakti Sosial and one grup for stay at Balai Desa for health servic.e
When we go home , Mr. Nja give us many vegetable , include the avocado that we harvest together. We got some snack too from Mr. Abun.

Stayed at vilage was a great experience. We can follow their routine , go to farm , and got some new experience. We learn about modesty too. So , if i have a chance to go to Sukamaju vllage again , i’ll stay little longer .

I think that’s all from me Thank You !

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Book Review : Infinitely Yours

 “ Infinitely Yours”
A novel about love story s always interesting. “Infinitely yours” is a korean novel. The author is Orizuka.” Infinitely yours” is one of the best seller Korean novel in Indonesia. It’s about a girl that love a boy in korea and the girl decide to meet him. But there is someone who make the girl fall in love in Indonesia.

The girl name is Jingga. She is an attractive girl and a litte bit noisy. She loves korean culture and K Pop. She go to South korea every year to meet her Boyfriend at korea . she loves to play nintendo games too. Her boyfriend name is Yun Jae. Yun Jae is an artist in Korea. He is very popular and handsome. His fans hate Jingga , because they think Jingga just an ordinary girl and not fit well with Yun Jae.

When jingga at Soekarno Hatta International Airport. She playing her favorite games. But suddenly someone passed in front of him and crashed her gadget. But he’s look run out the time so he leave Jingga and her gadget. When the tour participant is gather together in front off the waiting room he meet the boy who broke her gadget. And unfortunately he will be jingga partner in the tour.

So jingga should enjoy her journey to South Korea with Rayan , the boy who broke her gadget. At korea she meet Yun Jae , her boyfriend. But Jingga still with Rayan when the tour go to the tourism object. In ths novel, you will feel like at korea. Because in this book , you will find many popular palces name , like Myendong , Apgujeong , Gangnam, Lotte World , Han River , and N Seoul Tower ( the tower that full off Love lock).

This book also contain many daily Korean word like , annyeong ! (hello) , Jaljinaesseo ( are you okay ?) , and Kamsahamnida ( thank you). In this book you will find some of Best University in South Korea like Seoul Daehakkyo or people usually call it Seoulddae ( its mean Seoul National university , Daehakkyo means national university.) and you will find many Korean food name here like Tteobboki (Korean spicy rice cake) , Jajangmyeon ( Korean noodle with blck bean sauce) , Ddakgalbi (roasted Chicken with sauce dip) , Kimchi ( Korean fermented vegetable) , and Kimbap (korean vegetable sushi).

I love this book because , i am a fangirl too like Jingga. And i want to meet my Idol too. I can learn many korean words in this book. And  I think the love story between Jingga Yunjae and Rayan is so cute. All out I like this book !